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Tim Pendry is the Founder and Director of EXARO News.

Tim Pendry's Uncle is Lord Thomas Pendry of Stalybridge.
Lord Pendry is a close friend and associate of Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall was convicted and jailed in 2013 for a string of serious sexual assaults on young girls one of whom was only 9 years old at the time she was attacked.

The Independent Newspaper reported about a letter from one of Stuart Hall's victim's:

"The story she told cut away the undeclared certainties of life we all take for granted, rely on. She was a "shy, intelligent, studious, pretty girl", young for her years, who was going to go to university one day. He was invited to the school to hand out annual prizes and she was one of the prize winners After the ceremony the head summoned her to say Hall was so impressed with her, he had asked her to visit the BBC studios."

"To have a man of my father's age take a benevolent interest in me seemed wonderful to a girl of my history," she writes. She went to the studios encouraged by her mum and head teacher. And went back again, and once more. He seemed caring. Then, having groomed her, she alleges, he got her drunk and started the abuse. She kept going back. His mates, she claims, helped Hall with his filthy hobby.

The sex acts hurt. Sometimes she bled. She hated it"

Stuart Hall lived in Stalybridge which is Lord Pendry's former constituency when he was a Labour MP.

Mrs Stuart Hall and Lord Pendry's wife Moira used to be co-directors of a company called Pendry Hall Associates
In February 1999 Lord Pendry put forward an Early Day Motion congratulating Stuart Hall on 40 years of broadcasting and hailing him as "an icon with the youth of today"

Lord Pendry is still a shareholder and was a director of Oyston Steel Estates Limited

Stuart Hall was a director of Oystons Limited until his conviction for serious child sex abuse offences.

Owen Oyston was convicted and jailed for the rape of a 16 year old girl who worked for a modelling agency connected to his friend Peter Martin


In September 1996 Peter Martin was convicted of a series of rapes on girls and imprisoned for 20 years.

Stuart Hall was part of paedophile group including House of Lords member

PERVERT telly star Stuart Hall was a member of a paedophile group including a member of the House of Lords, one of his victims has claimed.

Stuart Hall has been branded an 'opportunistic predator' after admitting his crimes and may face jaiStuart Hall has been branded an 'opportunistic predator' after admitting his crimes and may face jai
The ex-BBC North West newsreader last month admitted 14 counts of sex abuse on women and girls as young as nine.
The woman told how the unnamed peer “helped” Hall carry out his decades of abuse.
The news came as it emerged that – in a final insult to his victims – Hall has signed over ownership of his £1.2million Cheshire mansion to wife Hazel, making it harder for them to sue him for its value.
And we can reveal they are ­concerned Hall could still evade “true justice” as the judge sentencing him has let sex offenders walk free in the past.
Sources close to the Lancashire ­Police investigation into Hall said they were “aware of the (paedophile) claims” and urged anyone with ­information to come forward. 
The ex-BBC North West newsreader last month admitted 14 counts of sex abuse on women and girls as young as nine.
After his initial arrest in January he pleaded his innocence in a strongly-worded statement.
But it emerged last week that just two weeks later he was hatching secret plans to safeguard his family’s fortune and make it harder for victims to get their hands on it.

On 5th May 2013 the Daily Star printed the headline 'Stuart Hall was part of a Paedophile Group including a House of Lords Member'

Lord Pendry has connections to Broadstairs in Kent.

Edward Heath was a member of Broadstairs Sailing Club

Among other things Heath was very fond of his yacht 'Morning Cloud'

Heath, Savile and Lord Pendry have all visited Jersey.

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"Stuart Hall, fresh from filming a new Walkers Crisps advert in Africa with Gary Lineker, received a telephone call this week from old friend Lord Pendry, the former shadow sports minister.
'Tom rang me to say he had a strange request from a newspaper to contribute to my obituary,' said Hall. 'How about that?' "

"Stuart Hall: I spray words about like a machine gun. If people say they love it, I embrace them and say: 'Welcome, fellow nutter'"

By Alan Fraser for MailOnline UPDATED: 00:23, 3 April 2010

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It is presumed that many of Hall's victims were from the Tameside area as he lived in Stalybridge at the time of the attacks. One of the victims that decided to waive her anonymity, Susan Melville, was just fifteen herself when she was groomed by Hall after presenting a prize to secondary school students at Longdendale High School.


Anonymous said...
Another one for the Labour25 website.
Anonymous said...
Wonder who Hall's friend was, who according to recent reports, let him use his home for his sexual conquests, as he spent most of the week in London?
Anonymous said...
Lord Pendry is the ex MP and now Peer. Labour again. I wasn't that intersted when the police went after elderly celebs but inevitably they discovered another Labour nonce.What will Tom Watson think, he just wanted to get at the Tories and now there's a Labour Peer in the frame.
Mr. Chatterbox said...
Tom Pendry was not only a friend of Stuart Hall but also the convicted rapist Owen Oysten. Pendry is or was a major shareholder in 'Oysten Steel Estates' a property development company owned by Owen Oysten, which had an office in Marbella, Spain. Another friend of these two, was Roy Oldham, the freemason and former Labour leader of TMBC.
Anonymous said...
Why do Broadbottom residents,inc J. Reynolds and Parker Perry all have a keen interest in Moclin in Spain.
Could it be their pals Pendry,Oyston etc are good for cheap properties.
TMBC have been linked with Moclin Village for some time,is this going to be a refuge for ousted Tameside politicians or maybe a place to hide your loot.
The current MP for the district is Mr Jonathan REYNOLDS MP [i.e. REYNOLDS Bloodline]

  1. @jreynoldsMP is Stuart Hall Labour?
@jreedmp He is indeed. He's a local lad to my patch too

Early day motion 307


  • Session: 1998-99
  • Date tabled: 10.02.1999
  • Primary sponsor: Pendry, Tom
  • Sponsors:
      That this House congratulates Stuart Hall on his fortieth year of broadcasting; notes that his unique style has endeared him to millions both in Britain and abroad, that his use of the English language, especially in his football reporting, has made him an icon with the youth of today, that his rich mellifluous voice is redolent of Sinden and Gielgud intertwining Shakespeare, Keats, Wordsworth et al amid the mud and tears at Accrington Stanley, that he recently forced the country into discovering Ozymandias, thus reinventing Percy Bysshe Shelley as a popular poet, that he made 'It's a Knockout', into a surreal, quasi xenophobic art form, that his laughter gave pleasure throughout the run of this programme uniting the youth of this country with the youth on the Continent, and that he has worked solidly for charity during his 40 years of broadcasting, much of which is unknown to most; offers its congratulations to this unique talent, if at times overcome with the 'exuberance of his own verbosity'; and wishes him many more years of broadcasting and laughter.

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    Total number of signatures: 79
    1. Show:

    Millionaire rapist invited to a gala dinner by Labour

    Last updated at 11:04 14 July 2007

    A convicted rapist attended a fundraising dinner for the Labour Party this week, alongside Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and a string of celebrities.
    Owen Oyston, who served three-and-a-half years in jail for attacking a 16-year-old girl, was invited by party chiefs to the £1,000-ahead event at Wembley Stadium.
    The disgraced multi-millionaire businessman was filmed at the gala on Thursday which aimed to raise £500,000 to help plug the £20million hole in Labour's finances.
    The Prime Minister has asked party officials to investigate how he came to attend the event.
    It is not known how much he has donated but Mr Oyston, 73, was a major Labour benefactor in the early 1990s.
    His presence at the dinner, revealed by BBC's Newsnight, will fuel concerns over Labour's fundraising activities.
    The Prime Minister has attempted to distance himself from the cash-for-peerages scandal that overshadowed Mr Blair's final year in office.
    Since Mr Brown took over two weeks ago, Downing Street has refused to discuss any issues relating to the inquiry.
    Critics, however, will find it extraordinary that Labour chiefs have solicited funding from a convicted rapist.
    Liberal Democrat MP and antisleaze campaigner Norman Baker said: 'It is a pretty seedy end to Blair's Labour.
    "The only thing missing was an auctioned copy of the Hutton Report. Are there any depths the Labour Party won't stoop to?"
    Mr Blair was the star guest at the fundraiser, which was billed as a celebration of "ten years of sporting achievement".
    Also on the guest list were Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson and former Olympic athletes Steve Cram and Tessa Sanderson.
    Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall, Nancy Dell'Olio and Robin Gibb, who lent Mr Blair his Barbados villa last summer, also attended.
    Leading figures from the Party were also there and Oscar-winning producer Lord Puttnam made a special film to be distributed on DVD to guests.
    The cost of their tickets entitled them to tour the stadium and try out sports including football, basketball, table tennis and rowing.
    Mr Oyston was jailed for six years at Liverpool Crown Court in 1996 for raping his victim at his country home Claughton Hall in Lancashire.
    He was released after serving just over half his sentence at Wealston Prison in West Yorkshire. The former chairman of Blackpool Football Club, Mr Oyston also once owned a chain of radio stations and the rights to the Miss World contest.
    A Labour Party spokesman confirmed that he did attend the gala.
    A spokesman for Mr Oyston told Newsnight: "He was invited to take a table, which he decided to do.
    "As he's got lots of companies, he thought it might be useful to attend."
    Mr Oyston was a regular contributor to Labour during the early 1990s. He made three gifts totalling £15,750 between 1992 and 1994.
    The Prime Minister, however, acted swiftly to reject any more cash.
    A spokesman said: "Mr Brown did not meet Mr Oyston nor was he aware of his presence in advance.
    "Mr Brown has asked the Labour Party general secretary (Peter Watt) to investigate, but he has already instructed him that any donation from Mr Oyston should not be accepted."

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    Thomas (Tom) Pendry PENDRY


    EducationSt Augustine's Ramsgate, Univ of Oxford
    Books & Publications
    Recreationssports of all kinds
    ClubsStalybridge Labour (hon pres), Vincent's (Oxford), Lord's Taverners, MCC, Garrick
    StyleThe Rt Hon the Lord Pendry, PC
    Careerelectrical engr; Nat Serv RAF 1955-57; joined Lab Pty 1950, NUPE official 1960-70, memb Paddington Cncl 1962-65, chm Derby Lab Pty 1966; MP (Lab) Stalybridge and Hyde 1970-2001, oppn whip 1971-74, a Lord Cmmr of the Treasy (Govt whip) 1974-77 (resigned), Parly under sec of state NI Office 1978-79; oppn spokesman: on NI 1979-81, on overseas devpt 1981-82, on devolution and regnl affrs 1982, on Sport 1992; shadow min for sport and tourism 1992-97; chm: All-Pty Football Gp 1975-92, PLP Sports Gp 1984-2013, All-Pty Tourism Gp 1997-2013; co-chm All-Pty Jazz Appreciation Gp; pres Football Fndn 2003-, chm Football Tst 1998-2003, steward Br Boxing Bd of Control 1987-2003; RAF Far East boxing champion 1956, colonial middleweight boxing champion Hong Kong 1957, boxed for Univ of Oxford 1958-59; Freeman Borough of Tameside 1975, Lordship of Mottram in Longdendale 1975 (granted by Tameside Borough Cncl to commemorate services as an MP for 25 years)

    Anon said...
    Great article. In light of this, let's not forget that Baron Tom Pendry, close associate of ... Stuart Hall and convicted rapist Owen Oyston, had a secret 5-hour meeting with Ian Brady :- on

    On 11 Sept 2009 Tim Pendry, Founder of EXARO, confirmed Lord Thomas Pendry is his UNCLE.

    • 583
      Sukyspook says:
      oooOOOOOOooooo – get you!! You’re new here aren’t you??
      Get with the programme – ie this is the last place on Earth, for now, where you can voice an opinion, tell some truths and have a laugh at the same time.
      You’re not the son of Tom Pendry are you?
      As my offspring often tell me and which I advise you to do Tim:
      “lighten up *joik” (*jerk with a Brooklyn accent in case you didn’t get that either).
      Love and peace whatever
    • 708
      Tim Pendry says:
      He’s my uncle and a good man too even if his politics are not mine!
      As for getting with the programme, maybe I get a kick out of baiting useless ranters in the forlorn hope that a thought might connect some neurones and they might actually start to THINK.
      Anyway, I feel vindicated – that Nice Mr. Dale has decided to raise the issue of compassion on his much nicer Blog. I do hope the equally ‘nice’ Mr. Cameron can hold down his troglodyte wing if he crosses the threshold of Number Ten.
    The Truth is better reflected in the comments directed at Pendry below:

    wibble says:
    Fuck off Pendry
    Given a choice a bet Gordon opts for the suppository option

    EXARO Tim of The Occult, as I like to call him, then goes on to say a revolution is long over due,

    Tim Pendry says:
    Unfocused Groupthink (whoever you are) – politics is a cesspit on all sides. We have not had a Revolution since 1688. One is over due and it should sweep away the whole political class which probably includes 85% of those anonynous persons who regularly comment on Guido Fawkes’ blog and earn their living giving ‘advice’ to ease the paths of special interests to policy or are ambitious for their scribblings to gain the approval of other self-referential scribblers in the dying print media (perhaps not you and many others but these political molluscs infest the damp back garden of our democracy, you cannot deny).
    Who bloody cares if Mandelson is behind the rumour? Or who is briefing against whom? It is a game for people who think they are better than the people who watch Corrie or EastEnders – but it’s the ‘same old same old’ soap opera without connection to the lives of the bulk of the population in a time of serious economic readjustment and with a State run by tired and depressed executives for a dim-witted bunch of buffone. Who’s in, who’s out? Disraeli/Gladstone? Blair/Brown? Tweedledum/Tweedledee?
    Yes it is definitely Tim of Exaro fame, Mr PR and Mr ExLabourPundit,

    • 279
      shelling-out says:
      I take back everything I posted in my reply to you.
      Labour. Using other people’s misery to make a political point.
      Tim Pendry, you are a hypocrite!
      • 540
        Tim Pendry says:
        No, I’m not. That is one thing I am not and never have been. You clearly have no historical understanding of precisely the role I played in politics in the mid-1990s – you are probably not interested enough but if you want the truth and not the surmise, go to Lobster back issues bla-di-bla …
        For the record, I have not been a member of the Labour Party since 2001 or thereabouts. It died ethically in 1996.
    Here he is telling us about how "witchhunts are created" (isn't that what Satanists do?)

    Tim Pendry says:
    Yes, that’s me!
    I also happen to be an on-the-record critic of the New Labour project (back issues of Lobster and Tribune for aficionados of para-political obscurity) and the grassroots politics was Co-Ordinator of the Grassroots Alliance, the internal opposition to the Blair-Brown project, crushed by the special interest greed of the trades union political officers. But that was then and this is now.
    Fascinating to see how witchhunts are constructed.
    Bring it on!

    Be careful Timmy you might just let the cat out of the bag, you know the one about the British people having been set up for a fall / fool all along. ORDO AB CHAO, THESIS, ANTI-THESIS, SYNTHESIS or is it PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION...?

    QUIZ: Why are these two photos placed side by side? Yeah sick isn't it...

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